Best quality adhesive tape manufacturer is Proendtape and our blue tape products using medical part of gown tape, coverall zipper adhesive. Sticky for disposabke protective gowns, suit. Tulum yapışkanı. Sallopete, mavi dikiş sızdırmaz bandı

Protective Seam Tape Adhesive Tapes

Coverall tapes prevents virus transmission through seams. Iron on adhesive Seam Sealing Repair Adhesive Fusible Tape.
Non-Woven Sealing Tape for Disposable Protective Coverall Suit Prevent Ebola and Corona Virus

The tape prevents virus transmission through seams.

We have 2 kind type Sewing Tapes as;

  • - Self Adhesive TApe for protectin seams
  • - HOT Adhesive Tapes for protector prevention against viruses

Our Self adhesive Tapes are 2 sub category as;
  • - Standard Tape
  • - Soft Tapes

Our Zipper Closure tapes prevent the virus transmission through zipper and seams. It closes the front of coverall.

Double Sided Closure tapes have been manufactured with high quality materials. We producing special tape for zippers for protective garments . It can be use on the zippers and sewns for surgical nonwoven overalls. It is very suitable for disposable products, disposable gowns and disposable jacketi aprons

Our strong tapes; ideal for protective overalls and sewing of protective clothes. Thera are blue, yellow, red and white color bands.

The width is 2 cm and the length is 100 meter for each roll.
The tapes made of Polyester 9 PE tape and strong PSA hotmelt adhesive.

Tulum Dikiş Bantları;
Güçlü dikiş bandı ; mavi sızdırmaz bant olarak, koruyucu tulum dikişleri için idealdir.
Mavi dikiş bandı, sarı tulum bandı, kırmızı koruyucu dikiş bantları olarak 3 renk üretmekteyiz.