Elastic cord for mask and elastic earloop for surgical mask manufacturing. You can use our best quality braid elastic earloop for your disposable mask manufaturing

elastic thread for mask

Our elastic ear loop braid cords are based Lycra for elasticity and polyester thread.
It is useful for manufacturer of mask, underwear, flexible products. we have been manufacture the knitting elastic cords as;
- 1/8 Inch ; 3 mm Width Braided Elastic Band,
- white colored hygienic cords.
- High Elasticity Rope, stretch rate is 2.5 times the stretching rate.
- round braided
- the length of braid is 1000-1100 meter for per kg
- packages are 30 kg for each cartoon (60x 40x 50cm).
- the bobbin weight is 2 kg /bobbin approximately.
Our Stretch String Elastic Cord can be use for Surgical Mask Making.