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Furniture - Chair Webbings Webbings

Stretches webbing across frame with webbing stretcher and tacks ends to opposite side of frame. ... unit for missing parts, and tightens loose rivets with pneumatic riveting gun. Places ... Tacks, sews, or staples replacement upholstery to frame.
You can use our straps like;
Mark the centers of the front and back of the seat, and determine the number and spacing of webbing strips. You’ll want to work with a full length of webbing rather than pre-cutting short pieces. Fold the end of the webbing back , and place the folded edge inside the back of the seat frame. (Fold at an angle for round seats.).
Then draw the webbing across the frame opening to the front of the seat.
Place the rubber end of the stretcher against the outside edge of the frame, angle the stretcher up, and catch the webbing on the stretcher spikes. Bring the stretcher down low to tension the webbing.
Holding the webbing taut, quickly lay down a row of staples. Release the stretcher, fold the webbing back over itself, and place an additional row of staples across the webbing. Trim the end.