manufacturer of Adhesive tapes for coverall; blue tape, tape ribbon for prevent virus transmission, seam sealing tapes. Seam Sealing Tape; Комбинезон из нетканого материалаТайвек

BLUE Stick; Seam Sealing Tape of apron and coveralls

Waterproof Hot Seam Heat Sealing Tape For Medical Disposable Isolation Clothing and salopettes

ProEnd Tape company manufacturing the best quality one Sided, Double Sided Tape for Sewing with Hot Air. Seam Sealing Tape prvent the virus transmission. Transparent Heat Seam Seal Tape and self adhesive cold tapes. Our tapes have got strong Adhesion with the best adhesive and very suitable for aprons. Medical Suits and medical aprons must be high quality abput protect the persons especially from the seams.

We have been manufacturing high quality sewing closer tapes ;
- seam protector band for virus ,
- sewing tapes,
- adhesive tapes,
- Elastic Earloop for mask,
- belts for corpse bag and narrow weaving cords

Elastic Ear LOOP

Our elastic ear loop braid cords are based Lycra for elasticity and polyester thread.
It is useful for manufacturer of mask, underwear, flexible products. we have been manufacture the knitting elastic cords as;
- 1/8 Inch ; 3 mm Width Braided Elastic Band,
- white colored hygienic cords.
- High Elasticity Rope, stretch rate is 2.5 times the stretching rate.
- round braided
- the length of braid is 1000-1100 meter for per kg
- packages are 30 kg for each cartoon (60x 40x 50cm).
- the bobbin weight is 2 kg /bobbin approximately.
Our Stretch String Elastic Cord can be use for Surgical Mask Making.

Adhesive Tapes

Our adhesive tapes are based PP woven and cotton fabric products. Our tapes are best suited for bonding the ;

  • ✶ Tiling and flooring the carpets, rugs
  • ✶ Splice and mounting the rolls of pp sack, paper etc.
  • ✶ Repairing the torn and shredded greenhouse, tarpaulins, tents, pp sacks.

We produce our adhesive tapes width are from 5cm to 80cm rolls and the lengths are changing as 25, 50 and 100 meters


General Adhesive Tapes

Protect our Health Workers: Making of Body Coverall with our wonderful tapes. Non-Woven Sealing Tape for Disposable Protective Coverall Suit Prevent Ebola and Corona Virus, Covid-19. Our products for all requirement for PE Eva Peva blue waterproof stitching adhesive coverall and aprons hot melt seam sealing tape for safety protect.

  • - Disposable coverall
  • - Disposable Antiviral Medical
  • - Coronavirus Protection Coverall Protective Clothing Suit
  • - Medical coveralls
  • - Disposable Coveralls
  • - Disposable Protective Clothing Isolation Suit Coverall

Tulum Dikiş Bandı

Koruyucu Tulum dikiş Bandı, dikişlerden kaynaklı delikleri kapatmak için ideal kalitededir. Virus önleyici öselliği olan, tulum yapışkanları 2 şekildedir; ;

  • ✶ Soğuk yapışkan Bant; Kendinden yapışkanlı
  • ✶ Sıcak tulum bandı: Sıcak ısı ile yapılan yapışkan. Oldukça sağlam ve güvenilir sonuç verir
  • ✶ Tulum ön bandı kapatan çift taraflı bant: Çift taraflı bandımız fermuar bandı olarak kullanılır.